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Emergency Exit Plans

In any country, there is always a regulation that demands business owners to create an emergency plan for their employees in case calamities and accidents happen. One of the common mishaps of any commercial establishment is fire outbreak. There are several recorded fire outbreaks every year. The intriguing part is that most of those outbreaks happen in commercial buildings than residential homes. Casualties rarely happen on buildings that have an emergency plan.

There should be an emergency exit door in every floor of a commercial building. This is to provide an escape route for employees who are trapped inside their current areas in case of fire. These doors should not be locked from the inside for emergency purposes. A reliable locksmith can install a lock system that can function this way. Aside from that, fire extinguishers should be positioned in open areas of the building. They should not be kept hidden in plain sight. Fire extinguishers can be stored in a place where people could easily use in case of fire. There should be a locksmith service that installs safe storages for fire extinguishers.

Door Lock Regulations for Exit and Fire Doors

Exit Doors are a critical part of the fire and safety infrastructure of a building. By law there are very specific locking requirements required for Exit Doors. In years gone by, Fire/Exit Doors were viewed solely for use as emergency Fire Exits, but that view has changed. “Exit Doors” are now used for emergency egress of all kinds – not just fire emergencies. Read the full article here.

Installing fire alarms should also be a priority. Most fire outbreaks can be prevented from getting worse once it is detected by fire alarms at its early stages. The installation of these alarms can also be handled by a professional locksmith. Commercial business owners should consider installing modern fire alarms for efficiency. Smoke detectors might also be necessary to install in fire-prone areas.

Fire Alarms for your home or business

There is a difference between a fire alarm and a smoke detector.  The smoke detector is to get you and your family out of the home before the fire truly takes hold.  The fire alarm is to alert the nearest Fire Brigade of the early stages of a fire so that your business or home can be saved before the fire takes hold. Continue reading at

Modern fire alarms can also send emergency messages directly to the fire station. Fire extinguishers should be utilized before the firemen arrive. Keeping your building safe also means taking care of the safety of your employees and every one inside. Hence, it is just ethical for any business owner to develop an emergency plan in anticipation of this kind of unfortunate event.