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The Introduction of Keyless Entry Locks

When locks are discussed, we always think about padlocks and keys. Keys are essential to the unlocking of locks and are therefore paired eternally with their specific lock. A single padlock can only be open by a single key. Although there are millions of padlocks being manufactured yearly, no two padlocks and keys are the same. The only downside with the traditional lock and key system is that the user needs to keep the key at all times in order to open the lock. Issues start once the keys are lost or damaged. Fortunately, there are modern lock systems today that no longer require a key to unlock.


Keyless entry locks are becoming very popular today, especially for commercial establishments. Keyless locks were originally designed for cars but lock companies have found the need for keyless entry for homes and businesses as well. Because there is no longer a need for a key to unlock your property, you will have no longer need to worry about losing your keys. Keyless locks offer more convenience and security to its user so it is best used for those who are not so techie and tend to forget a lot.


The Ins and Outs of Keyless Locks

There are three types of people when it comes to technology: early adopters (those who are always first in line), those who hate technology, and the skeptics who lay somewhere in the middle. One of the newest technologies in the locksmith and home security sector are keyless locks. Originally designed for use on cars, companies soon began creating keyless systems for homes and businesses. Regardless of whether you’re a tech junky, busy mom, or just in need of extra peace of mind, keyless doors offer some amazing features to help keep your home or business safe and sound. To view the full article, check out


The installation of keyless locks can only be handled by a professional locksmith. Trained locksmiths are updated with all the modern locks so their installation should be easy for them. They use professional lock tools for their services. They make sure that nothing gets damaged during the installation of a new lock system in your property. If there are any problems with your locks, a locksmith can also handle its repair using their tools.


Guest Post By Outside-In Lock Tools

At a subsequent meeting, the topic of security-plates for letterboxes, and the near-impossibility of using the standard letterbox tool on them was raised. This suggested another tool could be advantageous, and with Simon’s partner Wendy now on board, who has a background in prototyping, ‘The Rattler®’ was born. Together, Wendy and Simon looked at ‘problem situations’ for Locksmiths, and came up with solutions that solved these problems in new and innovative ways. To know more about this, you visit the main site.


It is recommended that you only hire a locksmith that is located in your local area so that you could avail his services any time. There should a number of locksmith companies in your locality, especially if you live in urban areas. Residential locksmiths are ideal for home lock system concerns while commercial locksmiths are the people to call for when it comes to security concerns for commercial establishments.

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