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History Of Virginia Beach

When exploring the history of Virginia Beach, VA, it is important to make a reference to the Native Americans who inhabited the land several years ago. Native Americans have been the occupants of Virginia Beach before the arrival of the English colonists in April 1607. After a few weeks of arrival, the English colonial masters settled at Jamestown, which is the first permanent settlement of the colonists. Until 1776, the Colonial Virginia time remained along with the American Revolution. Ever since the revolution, the land has continued to be a part of the Commonwealth. In 1952, Virginia Beach became an independent city. This occurred when two square feet resort of the land was converted along with the remaining areas of Princess Anne County. In Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach remains the most populated and well-known area. It is connected to the Hampton Roads and the Hampton Roads Beltway through 2 huge bridge-tunnels.

The Arrival-Europeans:

In 1524, the Spanish landed in Chincoteague also known as Virginia after sailing past the Chesapeake Bay. During the process, the explorers from Spain tried to map out the Cape Henry coast. Under the control of Sir Walter Raleigh, the English followed the footstep of the Spanish with an exploration party. In August and July 1584, the men of Sir Walter explored the region between Cape Lookout and Cape Henry. John White remained the first English colony on Roanoke Island. Over time, the colony established by John White eventually disappeared. This helped to create the rise of the legend of a powerful Lost Colony. Before the area experienced another English mandate, it took a couple of years, but all to no avail.

From Blackwall, England, the first permanent settlement set sail on December 19, 1606. This remained the expedition that created the first settlement. The expedition was on three ships directed and controlled by Captain Christopher Newport. The trip includes one hundred and five men and boys, which was sponsored by the London Company. The voyage took almost one hundred and forty-four days to get to the point of arrival.
The first landfall occurred on April 26, 1607, at Cape Henry. This is currently called the north eastern region of the Virginia Beach. The landfall is simply where the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay meets. In honor of Henry Frederick, Prince-Wales, the place was named to keep its glory by the eldest son of King James I England. Under orders from England, the settlers vacated the region to seek shelter in the inland.

Native Americans:

Native Americana lived on the land before the arrival of the colonial masters. The Chesepians now occupy the South Hampton Roads in Virginia. They have lived on the land before 1607 During the Woodland Period and the English settlers. Chesepians occupied regions such as Virginia Beach,
Chesapeake, Portsmouth, and Norfolk. In time past, the Native American were categorized into five separate regions namely, Newsiooc, Pomouic Secotan, Chawanook, and Weapemiooc. Each of the regions is controlled by a chief or king.This is how the Virginia Beach came into existence.


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